Corporate Engagement

Corporate DrummingWork Place Pulse“, our rhythm-based team building and leadership development workshops are engaging and fun. Our customized “Work Place Pulse” programs meet the learning objectives you set for your team by integrating leadership coaching, the use of metaphors and experiential learning with drumming and percussion. Team building and leadership development programs:

  • Enhance  creativity
  • Build confidence
  • Empower leadership and risk taking
  • Create teamwork and team experience
  • Exercise listening skills
  • Address multiple leaning styles
  • Provide a safe outlet for self-expression through nonverbal communication
  • Are fun, engaging & enjoyable

Employee retention is critical to organizations. Happy, healthy, engaged employees are more likely to stay in their current positions. Our 60 minute stress-busting Drumming for Wellness drum circles can support employee retention efforts and are great for lunch hours, employee retreats, wellness events and parties. These programs:

  • Improve morale
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide a safe outlet for self-expression through nonverbal communication
  • Engage participants in positive interaction they can bring back to work
  • Energize and relax participants
  • Are fun, engaging & enjoyable
  • Are cost effective


Guided Imagery Drumming

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"I would recommend this workshop to other people because the unity of the group makes one feel whole inside."

- Connecting for Change Workshop Attendees

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