testimonials for SoulWorks RhythmParkinson’s Group

“Wonderful experience”

“Too few classes! You can play your own drum, but it is not music… It is your joining in the group, echoing your contribution that models our lives in our community.” 

“It was a pleasure to bond rhythmically, to make some good sounds with other good people.”

Work Place Pulse Attendees

“That was both fun and educational. I truly enjoyed the drum beating. Your idea with our Executive Director and I leading was also excellent. It worked amazingly well and we stayed together throughout the moving from chaos to music. Pretty cool.  Loved it.”  ~A.M. COO, Nonprofit

“Thank you for coming out and presenting at our Youth Workers’ Conference. Everyone that I spoke to that attended your workshop really loved it so great job!!!”  ~D.O. Conference Organizer

“Thanks for coming last night – the staff had a really wonderful time and I received lots of in-depth feedback about our time together!” – J.C., Director, preschool

Community Drum Circles

“You guys were great!  What a nice presentation! Thanks for spending so much time making sure everyone had a chance to drum!  It was really great. “ ~ D.C. Host, private party

Comments from our Sunset Drum Circles at Fruitlands Museum: The most memorable part was:

”Meeting and drumming with new people and lots of people into the sunset!”

”The whole experience was wonderful especially the communal experience, no judgement zone!”

”Loved the community building”

…”I felt relaxed and engaged”

Monique and little boy at drumming festivalNursing, Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Facilities

“It is wonderful to see people who don’t participate in other programs come alive in drumming. You do amazing work!”

“I felt compelled to watch people last night as you were working your magic.  These are folks that I would never have imagined would have bought into this – including my father, who had a big grin on his face.  These are serious doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs, and yet they allowed themselves to let ego go and succumb to the almost child-like experience.  One woman whom I don’t remember carrying a sustained smile in all the time I’ve seen her, had a huge smile on her face.   Wonderful and congratulations.” ~J.K., daughter of Assisted Living Resident

“Thanks so much for bringing drumming to our community. There was so much positive energy vibrating throughout the evening. All left with a smile and hopes of a future session.”  Thanks again!” – C.P. Programming Director at Assisted Living Community

Workshop Attendees

 “It was great, wonderful energy, energizing, engaging, thoughtful, Interactive! Awesome, fun, dynamic, interesting, exciting empowering!” 

“Very interesting, entertaining and lots of active participation, Great fun drumming!” 

 “There was an energy in the room that created change within and it was fun, engaging, meaningful” 

“My spirits were lifted … because I originally wasn’t feeling well, but this workshop turned it around “

 “I think this will be a helpful way of teaching adults and kids how to make change.”

 “It didn’t require anything but some willingness to jump in and play music!

“Principals learned- how to get along we all can make music we all can make a difference 

“Sometimes there’s leader and followers and the followers become leaders and the leaders become followers etc.” 

“Excellent fun and metaphor for creating change”

"I would recommend this workshop to other people because the unity of the group makes one feel whole inside."

- Connecting for Change Workshop Attendees

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