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Drums and drumming have been part of human culture since the dawn of man and woman. Drums have been used in festivals, in sacred ceremonies, to mark boundaries of villages, to motivate warriors on the battle field, to keep workers on task in the fields; to honor the dead and the living. Most cultures have used drums in these ways throughout history.

Drummers and musicians in general have personally known the benefits of playing an instrument individually and in making music together. It is only in the last few decades that the benefits of music in general and drumming in particular have actually been scientifically studied.

Drumming is a totally accessible form of making music in a group. Unlike a guitar, flute or other instruments a novice can pick up a drum and start making a rhythm immediately.  Drum circles of novices can be as rhythmic, musical and fun as drum circles with experienced drummers are.

We encourage novices to experiment with their instruments by creating a no judgment zone environment in all of our circles whether corporate, community or for a specific population.

"I would recommend this workshop to other people because the unity of the group makes one feel whole inside."

- Connecting for Change Workshop Attendees

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